As a high school student I for sure was not as confident as I wanted to know the awkward phase where anything anyone says you take to the heart. Well I used to be that person that cared about the judgments of others. But then college came around and I broke out of my shy […]

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There is never a day where I don’t go without having a nice home cooked meal, and getting a good nights sleep. Last year was 4 years since I had traveled to Mexico, and even then when I used to go I was really young and didn’t know much. When I recently went this past […]

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Bead in the Nose

You all may be wondering what in the heck is this blog going to be about right? Well this a little story I like to call the day my cousin got a bead stuck in her nose. It was Saturday afternoon and I remember we were watchin 13 going on 30. I was supposed to […]

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Plane Ride!

The drive to the airport was the most nerve wrecking ever. As a small town Floridian Girl, the only travel I did was going to Mexico by car. I hate heights and I can’t even step a foot on a roller coaster. I couldn’t imagine myself having the courage to step onto a plane. As […]

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High School Graduation?

Of course as a High School  senior the eagerness to graduate the anticipation to walk across that beautiful stage and shake the principals hand. I remember that was me my senior year, I couldn’t help but feel the sense of sadness knowing that I was leaving and never going to see anyone of my classmates […]

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Hey everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I will be turning 20 this year! It will be 5 years since of the best days of my life, in Hispanic culture. My quince, for those of you that don’t know what a quince is, let me explain. A Quince marks the day that […]

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Romance, Dead or Alive?

Hey everyone, I haven’t really been active on here in a while so I hope that everyone has been having a great couple of weeks! For this blog I wanted to talk about this video that I came across on that I found to be very interesting. It talks about the types of movies […]

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