Hyperlocal News?, I had never heard this term before but I guess I knew what it was all along I just didn’t know the proper name. For this assignment I had to research 3 different Hyperlocal News around my community. Before I actually go to looking at them I read , “Why cant anyone make […]


Life in a Photo

Hey Everyone!, for this blog I am going to be doing something a little bit different. Instead of doing an interview, I’m going to be working with photos. I’m pretty sure that everyone has heard the term, “A picture says a thousand words.” This next project I will be working on is a photo journalism […]

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Groceries, Bathroom products, School supplies, Electronics, and Toys are all the items one can find when shopping in your local Walmart. If we actually think about it, there are so many workers that are involved in order to create the environment that we shop in. For this blog I didn’t want to research the history […]

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Anchor Nerissa Lamison

After all the anticipation and all the nerves I can finally say that I went through with my interview and it was amazing! When I first got there she immediately wanted me to get to know more about the Radio Television Club, so I attended the meeting although there were only 3 including me, it […]

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The Preparation

The feeling one gets when you’re about to be on camera and the nerves of not wanting to mess up, sums up what I’m feeling for this interview. Although this blog has to be about what I experienced throughout this interview I have unfortunately not yet interviewed Mrs.Lamison due to our scheduling conflicts, but tomorrow […]

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The Next Step

Since my last blog talked a bit about who i’m going to interview, I’m now going to go into what my interview will be about. Ever since I was in the fifth grade I wanted to become a News Anchor and that’s what my mind has been set to, so who better to interview than […]

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Career Path

There are many people that I could have the opportunity to interview, including my family members that inspire me to be the best that I can be. Throughout my whole life I’ve had to interview many people for projects or to figure out information for my research projects, but this interview is a little different. […]

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